The UN shedding light on problems
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The UN recently posted a list of the ten stories they wished the world knew more about. One of them is about trying to ensure proper care and equal treatment to persons with disabilities in other countries. Unrelated to the UN, but to the point, this photojournalist's images of preventable blindness in Asia connects the faces of those affected to the issue.
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Previous discussion on the UN's 10 Stories.
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This is actually a double post, but for the photojournalism link we'll let you slide this once.
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This picture rules!
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I think one might find, dear skallas, that the deliverance of vitamin A and surgery arise from compassion, a central tenet of all right thought and action. Buddhism and other religions celebrate and encourage compassion.

Your breaking heart is part of that.

Folks interested in the possibility of helping prevent some of these illnesses might investigate and support the programs offered by Sight Savers International, and Orbis.
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Fantastic. Thanks, Matt.
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What's sad is that this is just spreading around blogylvania today. Look at the first post on the topic -- the UN tried to draw attention to these stories several months ago (May). Guess it didn't work. At the time, The News Hour had a segment with Shashi Tharoor (who is very well-spoken and compelling) from the UN talking about the different stories, but no other news outlet I frequent picked it up.
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I suspect we agree. Similarly, my suggestion is that compassion predates the delivery of ophthalmic and other gifts, and therein lies the need.
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