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Fabchannel has nearly 200 streaming concerts online from Amsterdam's "temple of pop": Paradiso. Featured artists include Damien Rice, Franz Ferdinand, De La Soul and many more. 56k streams are freely available, broadband requires free registration.
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I knew about this, but I've no idea why I didn't already post it.

The Damien Rice concert is fantastic. I've seen him live twice in the real world, and he's on form in Amsterdam.
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Cool, the Residents. I'll have to check that out when I get a chance.
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This is great. Thanks very much. I'm finding a lot of bands that I haven't seen live and may never get the chance to see that I want to check out.
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This is a great link.

However, I am not really the biggest fan of recorded live concerts. A steadfast rule says that concerts are great when you are there, experiencing the collective effervescence, the lights, the noise - the whole experience. Then, when you hear it on a bootleg later on, it is just so lacking. Where is the dude smoking a J, giving you a high five? The over-priced merch, getting beer spilled on you?

That being said, acoustic based bands (such Damien Rice) don't generally apply to this rule.
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rtsp://[insert _band_name_here]_300.rm?cloakport=8080,554,7070

If you're not keen on registration/webplayers and all that.
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