What different countries get for their research spending
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The scientific productivity of nations (pdf). An article by the UK's chief scientific advisor, published this week in Nature, quantitating the scientific output of different countries, normalized to per capita GDP, area of study, number of researchers, higher education research spending, and more. A commentary, from a UK perspective.
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That graph on page 4 is very cool just for its layout. Is there a name for that?
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spider graph
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This is a very interesting study, though I'd like to point out that it fails to give credit to countries for their scientific diasporas (if I understood the way the paper assigns authors to countries). Thus countries like India and Russia are underrepresented despite their educational system having produced the researchers that then leave in search of richer salaries.
In Greece (where I have an idea of the scale of the phenomenon) active cited researchers living and working abroad outnumber the local researchers by a very wide margin (possibly 3 to 1)... I can imagine that in, say, Russia or Egypt, the margin is even wider
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Canada kicks effective ass inexpensively!
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Those fucking luxemborgers sure arn't pulling their weight!
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um...Canada kicks ass inexpensively thanks to its neighbor to the south
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