Where's my Breast-Cam?
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"It would have been so much easier to just slap a Playboy logo up on the screen, we have the animators animate breasts jiggling, and we have the programmers program a breast-cam, and then we ship it. People would buy it anyway." So says Brenda Brathwaite, Lead Developer for Cyberlore's Playboy: The Mansion, a Sim/Tycoon game coming to stores this holiday season. You may remember Brenda from her 22 year history in the industry, having worked for Sir-Tech in the early days (the creators of the venerable Wizardry series of RPG games). This is part 3 and the conclusion of a three part interview with Brenda.
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She went from Wizardry to this?

That's a shame, but regardless, I welcome all attempts to make games for mature gamers.
posted by eas98 at 6:12 AM on July 21, 2004

I've noticed this in film, sometimes a female director will go and make a film that is of the type that is criticized by feminist critics. Like American Psycho was adapted by a female director, or Sophia Coppola decides to do a film about a May-December relationship.

Fascinating interview.
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