Another day, another criminal probe into Halliburton dealings with shady regimes.
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Another day, another criminal probe into Halliburton dealings with shady regimes. This is for activities going back to the 1995-2000 period, when the current Vice-President was CEO of the petroleum exploration leviathan. It's also been well documented that Halliburton did business with Iraq during that same time period. This begs the question, how many "forbidden countries" were Halliburton doing business with during Mr. Cheney's stewardship? Note: it's somewhat related, though not quite the same, as this previous thread.
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Wait for it.....


Fucking endless parade of pathetic non-news stories to "show us something we've never seen before." I mean really, the entire article was about issuing a subpoena. That's it. The rest of the text has been discussed here, ad nauseam, will little resolution. Can we try to keep this front page useful?
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Halliburton's boss from hell
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Hailey Burton
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there's always this: Auditors working for the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB), a UN-sanctioned panel charged with overseeing the management of Iraqi’s oil revenues, have repeatedly asked the US for internal audit information related to a "no-compete" Halliburton contract worth $1.4 billion. But the Bush administration has refused all such requests. An official with the IAMB says the US has also refused to turn over a list of other companies awarded no-compete contracts by the Coalition authority in Iraq.
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quonsar, do you think little Hailey is embarrased or ashamed by the commonality of her name with the corp's? otoh, baby model, ewwwwww.
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Press the play button to listen to Kenny G while you visit tells us all we need to know about little Hailey.
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Poor Hailey has male pattern baldness. So young, too.
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Halliburton did business with Iraq

Honestly, every time I read that, it has the impact of the first time. It's really quite something, don't you think?
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and there's always this, too ... Moore told of how security was pulled from military fuel convoys and diverted to protect Halliburton trucks and drivers, leaving the soldiers with no military police and little more than their own rifles to protect them from attack.
Moore recalled the anxiety of regularly hauling 7,500 gallons of fuel for two days between Tikrit and Baghdad with little in the way of protection or weaponry. "As a soldier, we put ourselves in someone else's hands and put our lives on the line for our country," she said. "But they seemed to care more for the civilian drivers."
Halliburton drivers, Erlandson noted, make $100,000 a year while Army drivers such as Moore make $2,500 a month. "It's outrageous to all of us," he said. ...

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How does Hailey maintain the website? I mean she can't even read and... Right?

Oh Haliburton. Ok wait a sec.

*clears throat, musters outrage*

These crimes must not go unpunished! We demand justice! Aren't there a hundred or so seperate investigations going on? These guys are running out of laws to violate.
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Fucking endless parade...

Sorry that crimes which members (okay, just one) of this Administration may be involved in are revealed on such a regular basis that they sound like a broken record.
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What “begs the question” in fact means is “to assume the truth of an argument or proposition to be proved, without arguing it”

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Hey, this is good:

For example, when National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice asserted that we had to invade Iraq, because we didn't want the smoking-gun proof of their weapons of mass destruction to be a mushroom cloud over one of our cities, she was claiming as the premise of her argument the idea that the Iraqis had or were on the verge of having nuclear weapons. But whether or not they had such weapons was precisely what needed to be proved in order to justify the invasion, so it could not be itself used as proof of the need to invade to preempt their use of such weapons.
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Where's everyone's favorite 'bot?
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