The Movement
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The Movement is a 7-member art project, conceived (somewhat) as a multimedia version of the games Telephone or Exquisite Corpse, in which each member "adds a voice to the work -- a voice which expands the work, a voice which modifies the work, a voice which contests the work" through text, image, or sound. Initiated by writer/musician/radio host Julius Nil, the brother alter-ego of Olias Nil (himself the alter-ego of Seth Cohen) of the late, lamented Fire Show and Number One Cup. Includes work from Nil's Fire Show/Number One Cup collaborator, musician/photographer M. Resplendent .
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Am I the only who is relieved that the "Static Gallery, Liverpool, UK" has finally shown a little bit of Movement?

Unfortunately, my ultra-low-speed internet connection - not cable, not phone, it's provided by the Gas Company - does not allow me to enjoy the total experience of The Movement, or the total experience of much of anything... A belated thanks for your last post, scody; the "Ephemera" link just loaded and I'm reading up on What to Look for in Buying a Phonograph.
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