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Straw House Blog. Coolhouse. Colorado house. When summer comes, I invariably start dreaming of places to live that are utterly unlike the standard Korean Concrete Beehive Box.
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That first house is awesome. Even the drawer handles are well-designed! I don't understand why the owners want to cut the trees on their land down, though.
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I don't understand why the owners want to cut the trees on their land down

Well, if you've got enough land and trees it means cheap lumber, for one thing. Also, occasional thinning is good for the forest, as it allows younger trees to establish themselves. Lastly, the owners could guarantee that these trees were sustainably harvested, and didn't burn up gallons of gasoline while being transported to the ends of the Earth.

...plus, no money went into the pockets of gigantic multinationals.

Note: I do not know the owners; I'm just guessing at their motivations.
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I love this house, which was the subject of a documentary on the UK's Channel 4 TV, Grand Designs.

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Cool stav. Nice job! (and no three little piggies jokes yet.)
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My father is actually out in Colorado right now building some sort of log house for retirement. Actually, he's just "supervising" some Canadian builders. Which makes me feel better - I bet Canadians know their logs.
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[this is good]
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These houses are efficient, but how do we all find large country properties with south exposure?

Efficient new urban housing is more useful.

Historic buildings have already paid the energy cost of their building materials and community infrastructure. They can be efficient
with energy use, too.
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Well, I did say dream.
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If you want to build one of these unique, energy efficient and sustainable homes, go here for information.
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My house in Colorado (and my only house) is made out of rocks. Sustainable architecture in 1902. (And it has a southern exposure)
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How can you miss out on the Swankee home?
248 reasons

Spend some time poking about his site.
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