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Software has no sense of humor. A man whose car bore personalized license plates reading 'NO PLATE' received notices for thousands of unpaid parking tickets. No, not an urban legend, Snopes says it is true. For more classic software bugs check out Software Glitches which includes some software induced disasters. I, Robot anyone?
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Interesting. I saw this reported somewhere a couple days ago as "NO TAG."
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The snopes story mentions No Tag, No Plate and Missing instances of this story.
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For even more classic computer-related problems check out the RISKS Digest (or its archives). Some of the best stuff is in the older archives. A lot of the newer entries are of the form "Design/implementation error of [well-known, well-understood type] causes factory to blow up, putting three people in the hospital and causing a zillion dollars of damage. Sigh. You'd think we'd know better by now."
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"I messed up the system so bad," Cara said. "I wonder if they can put me in jail or something?"

One can only hope and pray.
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One can only hope and pray.

Why, exactly?
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Got Milf?
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Got Milf?

What sucks about the MILF term is that people attribute it to American Pie. I heard that term at least 10 or 12 years ago. I believe it was in Big Brother magazine, but I'm not positive about that. It mighta been Motorbooty.
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Because he's a smug, self-satisfied "lifelong prankster" jalexei. Isn't that enough?
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A friend got the license plate VOID thinking it would spare him from tickets.

It didn't work.
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This reminds me of the story of a guy who worked at the gas company when they put a new payroll system in place. On the first payday, one employee got this stricken look on his face when he opened his check. When he didn't show up for work the next Monday, his supervisor called him to ask where he was. It turns out that he thought he'd been fired, because the computer had printed END OF JOB on his paycheck. He turned out to be alphabetically the last person in the company, or had the highest SSN, or something like that, and the program's termination message had printed on his check. The program was thereafter changed to print the message on an otherwise blank check.

A friend of mine worked for the company in question (Michigan Consolidated Gas Company, or MichCon) and swears it is true, but I bet many accounting departments at big companies have a similar story.
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Because he's a smug, self-satisfied "lifelong prankster" jalexei. Isn't that enough?

Enough for jail? Umm, no.
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