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What do you do if it's 1979 and you are a sixteen year old in East Germany? Your Mom and her boyfriend, an officer in the intelligence service, have decided to defect. If you are Thomas Wagner, you wait twenty-odd years, and then you post the whole experience to your blog.
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This is a fascinating story, and I'm on Ch. 5 - however, there are errors! -
"...As late as 1990, almost ten years after the German Unification, reports were still coming to light showing how deeply the STASI had penetrated West Germany's government..."
Er, no. German reunification began in 1990: see this timeline. To make proper sense, that sentence needs to read: "As late as 2000, almost ten years after the German Unification...".

I'm sure that's just a result of poor editing, but the record needs correcting, in a piece with a wide readership.

This is a good read, either way. It brings to mind that amazing Year of Revolutions, 1989, when so many regimes in Eastern Europe fell, almost without a shot. A time when watching the TV news could bring hope...
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[This is good]
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[this is really good]

Beware the page links - Chapter 9 links to Ch. 11, so you have to return from 11 to 10 in order to get the story making sense. After Ch. 11 is the final epilogue, so if you make it that far, it's worth seeing it through to the end.

It is well worth the read tho - a sense of true life espionage from the teenager caught up in it.
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Really fascinating -- thanks for posting!
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Wow. Best of the Web, for sure. Fascinating.
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Very interesting! Thanks, mwhybark. And thanks for the heads up on the goofed chapter link, dash_slot-. I just thought his writing had gotten haphazard.
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I just want to say, this is a really freaking great post. Something truly fascinating, that I would never have come across on my own. This is what metafilter is all about. I salute you, mwhybark. Let's all note how its all the Bush/Iraq/Bananaphone/Worthless newsfilter threads that garner 100+ comments, while gems like this go unheeded.
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I heeded it, and sent it to my favorite people. Thanks, mwhybark.
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I stumbled into it via a linktrail from a numbers stations post over at MoFi.

It was on this page of links from one Simon Mason - do a page search for 'real life stories.'
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Quick update: Mason's site is chock fulla cool stuff.
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[this is good, and this is why MeFi rocks]
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Fascinating read, many thanks.
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Excellent link - I absolutely love stuff like this. Thx!
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amazing link! thankyouthankyouthankyou!
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