Tim Burton's "Stainboy"
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Tim Burton's "Stainboy" "He can't fly around tall buildings, or outrun a speeding train, the only talent he seems to have is to leave a nasty stain."
posted by honkzilla (6 comments total)
That was cute. I guess it took some of the sting outta all those layoffs.
posted by highindustrial at 6:19 PM on September 28, 2000

Its insane the money they paid Burton for that kind of crap. Not even mildly entertaining.
posted by owillis at 6:22 PM on September 28, 2000

this may sound dumb, but what layoffs?
posted by centrs at 6:29 PM on September 28, 2000

wow, that was boring and mildly disturbing
if I do say, I think they're trying too hard
anyways, this cost HOW much?
posted by starduck at 7:20 PM on September 28, 2000

When I heard Tim Burton was getting millions to do web things for shockwave, I thought it'd produce stuff like this.

Hopefully the second, third, etc. episodes will be better.
posted by mathowie at 7:53 PM on September 28, 2000

I found it quite funny, but certainly not worth an investment of millions - though I expect Danny Elfman charges a steep fee for his musical services . . .

How much was Burton paid? Can anyone provide a link to some documentation? I'm most curious.
posted by aladfar at 10:26 AM on September 29, 2000

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