130 Years old!
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130 Years old! See! God may not exist, but technology will outpace religion and THEN I will live FOREVER!
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I meant be GOD, or no, I will live forever!
posted by tiaka at 8:59 AM on September 29, 2000

Ease down, Thundercloud. *)
posted by solistrato at 9:06 AM on September 29, 2000

> The age to which human beings can live is increasing
> by more than a year every decade and shows no signs
> of reaching any biological limit, American scientists
> have discovered.

Eh wot? So extrapolate to year 3000 and we can expect to live to the ripe old age of 8000? Um, no (I think).

posted by holloway at 9:07 AM on September 29, 2000

Other way around holloway... the ate to which human beings can live is increasing by more than a year every decade not "by a decade every year"
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 9:33 AM on September 29, 2000

Not exactly. Rich folks will be able to afford all of these nifty life extending breakthroughs. The rest of us working class stiffs won't. Of course, nobody factors in all of the die-offs sure to be caused by war, overpopulation, resource limitations and environmental degradation.
posted by Mr. skullhead at 10:15 AM on September 29, 2000

Thank you for reminding us that everything is about class warfare.
posted by Mick at 10:58 AM on September 29, 2000

So much for early retirement (not that I'm anywhere close to it). Does this mean the retirement age is going to be raised? I'd just hate to be this damn job until I was 80 or so...
posted by cowboy at 12:21 PM on September 29, 2000

I'd think only the rich would want to live forever, because you'd certainly get tired of working for a living after 80 or 90 years and want to retire. Who's going to have the money to live on till they're 8000?
posted by daveadams at 1:25 PM on September 29, 2000

Actually there was a show on this. First Person by Erroll Morris had the guy that started kryo-freezing people, he talked about the future, and the possibility of eternal life. I mean, if you think about eternal life, that seems a lot, but, you think about all that man can explore, including space, that's not all that much. But then if you really want to get into these things, robots will replace us. Because when you try to define human, it's a number of things, all those things robots can be. So, we as humans might just be this vehicle that creates the robots, true owners of the world?
posted by tiaka at 2:47 PM on September 29, 2000

and don't forget about the drug that makes you live 44% longer that's being tested next year!
posted by starduck at 3:44 PM on September 29, 2000

Oh good, I so want to extend my senile decrepitude. Where do I sign up?
posted by holgate at 3:52 PM on September 29, 2000

posted by holloway at 5:43 PM on September 29, 2000

Yeah, that bear's gonna be in bad shape by then :)
Think of the population problems when people aren't dying. I bet the childbearing age will rise too. My grandkids will be babysitting their great-uncles. Or something. Maybe not.
posted by Catch at 8:16 PM on September 29, 2000

just a reminder: Soylent Green is people
posted by tj at 10:25 PM on September 30, 2000

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