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"We wanted to be the store that your mother didn't want you to go to." Cult band leader Dale Lawrence covers the RIAA shutdown of an Indianapolis record store, Berry's Music, for "Selling DJ mix-CDs.". Lawrence has written about mashups for a few years now. Is he also a deejay?
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Disclosure: Lawrence's early work with The Gizmos made me the music listener and player I am today. I have written about his music at length. Initial link found via a band-related list, posted by another listmember
posted by mwhybark at 11:02 PM on July 28, 2004

Can't understand the big deal. Every record store I know sells mix cds.
posted by iamck at 11:38 PM on July 28, 2004

Exactly, iamck
As the article points out, many of the biggest chains commit the same crime's Berry's Music did:
"Of course, nowhere near all CDs contain that information [selling CDs which don’t have the actual name and address of the manufacturer printed on the packaging], which means that every store carrying CDs (from Target on down) is guilty of this obscure “crime.”"
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Yup, exactly. I've seen friend's mixCDs in Amoeba so how come they are still operating?

Looks like pissing off the local big record store by breaking release dates & selling paraphernalia got these guys busted.
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Jayzus onna stick. That's obscene. The RIAA has to be stopped. They just do.
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I gotta admit, the first thought I had upon clicking on the link was: Hey, I'm wearing that exact t-shirt, right now! Right on!

The infuriating part of this is that it seems so damned arbitrary. If someone could come up with a coherent reason why Berry's was singled out instead of any of the other stores selling mashups & mixtapes, it would then become a straight ethical issue. But this just looks bad for everyone concerned.

I hope they make out well with the new store.
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Looks like pissing off the local big record store by breaking release dates...

Intentionally breaking release dates (if that's what they were doing) is a mighty fine way to piss off the RIAA as well.
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What hope for a few drug busts in the offices & social hang-outs of the big record execs?

Nah. Didn't think so.
posted by i_cola at 8:59 AM on July 29, 2004

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