Not of Chincoteague
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That may possibly be the cutest chair ever.
posted by qDot at 2:09 PM on July 30, 2004

An old girlfriend of mine once had a piece of furniture, about the size and consistency of the pony, which was a grey hippo with huge eyelashes and big white teeth in its gaping grin.

Somewhere in my archives I have a photo of her, astride the hippo, topless, coated in silver bodypaint with several strands of beads from Mardis Gras around her neck; she's looking right at the camera with a bloodthirsty smile.

God, I miss her.
posted by pandaharma at 2:36 PM on July 30, 2004


posted by Akuinnen at 2:43 PM on July 30, 2004

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