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Road Trip USA. This simply titled site is one of the better travel sites I have seen for back-road ramblings around the USA. Not only are the routes described some of the best, the writing is extensive (at least book length), of high quality and obviously by someone who has traveled every single mile personally. I only wish I had it on my last trip. Recommended for the arm-chair or car-seat traveler alike.
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If you find yourself in Nebraska, pay a visit to Carhenge.
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Woot! I hitchhiked almost the entire length of US-2: The Great Northern back in 1983. It was the equivalent of five years of psychotherapy. Great link!
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I think this site has come up a few times in AskMe recommendations. It's actually based on a book of the same name which covers the routes in more depth.

I downloaded whole chunks of it when I was bobbing around US-50, US-93 & Route 66 recently and it had some good stuff. Had a great morning when I took it's advice to visit Virginia City, NV and ended up in the middle of an amateur motocross race complete with ranting, patriotic pastor - a real slice of Americana & a tale to tell right up there with making my own hashish in the Rif Mountains in Morocco ;-)
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i_cola - Reminds of a certain "Christian 4-Wheeling Society"......before SUV's and still odd.
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