FBI focuses on McKinnon staffer Lozano in the debate tape probe.
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FBI focuses on McKinnon staffer Lozano in the debate tape probe.
"A federal source said the label on the Express Mail package received by Downey also directly corresponds to the date and time Lozano was filmed by a security camera mailing a package in the Austin post office." (via Washington Post)
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McKinnon is going way out on a limb in defending his assistant (the "Gap pants" alibi). If the FBI has fingerprints, it's all over. The only question is whether they'll find anything like e-mail on Lozano's computer. Maybe she WAS friends with somebody in the Gore campaign. If it was on the order of "I have some information I can send you guys, who should I address it to?" it's pretty clear this is no mole. On the other hand, that could provide pretty convincing evidence the other way, too. If somebody as high as Gore's inner circle was involved, I'll hurl.

See also articles in Austin American Statesman and Dallas Morning News, neither of which is quite so quick to exonerate Gore et al.
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