Oh Rob!!
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Oh Rob! What it was like to be in the studio audience of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Nice essay from Mark Evanier.
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very nice--thanks!
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*thought for just a second that it was by a certain evanizer. cries.*
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I still haven't had my "That's what I want to do" moment, unless you count every time I look at Anna Nicole Smith.

But I don't think it's the same.
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Mark Evanier has a great site with a lot of information and cool stories about TV, cartoons, comics, etc., including The Dick Van Dyke Comic Book, a great run-down of Los Angeles Local Kid Show Hosts, the experience of Auditioning to Be a TV Weatherman, and recently, somebody (on MetaFilter or MonkeyFilter) posted a link to The Search for Mad Mad Mad Mad World's Big W.

His site is so cool, I'll even forgive him for his contributions to the abomination that was The Garfield TV Series.
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Hey, the Garfield series was far, far better than the strip. The Binky the Clown sequences were truly inspired.

Lovely essay, btw.
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Ms. Moore, by the way, struck me that evening as the single best-looking person, place or thing on the planet.

See, now he's ready for the Vaseline.
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Interestingly enough, the photo on that page is from the episode that aired today on TVLand, the one where Rob's freckles could be connected to form the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, it later developed that some of them weren't freckles, but healed-over scars, so they didn't count...

...do I watch too much TV, or what?
posted by Oriole Adams at 11:34 PM on August 5, 2004

Don't forget that Evanier was also one of Jack Kirby's assistants during the 70's, and helped "The King" with the Fourth World Series...
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