Idle hands do God's work?
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The virtue of idleness is lost upon our modern society with its Puritan work ethic. Perhaps a little idleness is good for the soul and the mind. Some would say Ben Franklin is spinning in his grave, but he also enjoyed his idle hours as much as any man, at least according to the recent biography, "Ben Franklin: An American Life" by Walter Isaacson.
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The Idler
posted by kozad at 8:07 AM on August 7, 2004

I can't believe he didn't quote Jerome K. Jerome!
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I'm a man of leisure, and a big proponent of the four hour day.

After I was laid off, I discovered that being idle and lounging about is the only true path to happiness.
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I think I've got this lifestyle nailed; I was even too lazy to read the whole article.
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Lazyness? Or just Productive Procrastination?

TMI: This last week, my prescribing psychiatrist gave me a kind of medical absolution for my recent tendency to sleep over 9 hours a night. There's nothing more disruptive than feeling guilty about something that makes you feel better, and my productivy has increased since I stopped worrying about sleeping too much.
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Just don't go about writing a manifesto on it and expect to keep your job seems to be the lesson coming from France. Boo to EDF!
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Our modern society has a Puritan work ethic?
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Work is for suckers
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In Praise of Idleness
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The Dude abides.
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Shabbat shalom.
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Idleness was/is threatening to Puritain Thought, because if you took a few minutes or hours to reflect and not be busy you'd realize how stupid Puritain though is.
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