Caffeine, Nicotine, and Benzedrine (and wish me luck)
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Head Back to Mono in 32k at the records archive, where a rather consistent curator has digitized a goody chunk of his record collection. It's posted in more-or-less every iteration imaginable. Observe the linked scans (1 mb page, careful!) of the covers (also in multiple resolutions up to full-size). Note the records themselves, in sleeve or out, depending. Most especially, savor the clean, low-res mono mp3s that cry out to be played through the dashboard speakers of a 1967 Dodge Dart.

Bonus Big Beat Bonanza: The site's author is also behind the similarly detailed archive of shows by ex-WFMU dj The Hound, from 1987 through 1995, heavy on the rare regional sides beloved of certain of my pals down New Orleans way.

Last, but not least, hosts the adventures of a platoon of Tux clones, sealing my geek admiration for the overseer of the site. There's more, of course. My propeller beanie's off to you, sir, and long may you wave, or particle, as is your choice and preference.

(Permission was sought and granted to post this, as I feard for the site's bandwidth. Have at it, Mefites!
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Also, I can't believe this hasn't at least been mentioned before, but a Google-based search did not reveal hide nor hair of a link.
posted by mwhybark at 5:17 PM on August 12, 2004

Oh my god. I've just had my first internal orgasm.

Good link! I fear this guy may be forced to take these down soon, however.
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Great site! Thanks for posting it.
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Oh, I'm sorry, this is abuse!

Brilliant, thanks!

"This isn't an argument. Yes it is. No it isn't. It's just contradiction. No it isn't. It is. It is not."
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i definitely appreciate the massive effort involved to create this archive (especially the scanned covers), but can i just be the first to snark that i'd never even take most of these albums for free ... The Hooters? Icehouse? Survivor? Simply Red? i mean i gots lots of crap too, but i already have most of his good stuff ... you can get a lot of these albums for $.50-$1 or even free on a lucky street corner.

that said, i downloaded Darling Nikki just to listen to the naughty words at work. great song, great album. thank you, Easter Bunny! bwawk! bwawk! (and how long can his server last ...)
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I love what he did, but how can this be legal? Not the scans or the presentation, but each song is downloadable. I would think this is unacceptable to the RIAA even if in mono.
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Gosh! Fantastic! I'm also very happy. I'm also very certain that the lifespan of this site is, um, limited. Note: most mp3s are 32k, but some others [like CSNY's 4 Way Street] are an excellent 192.
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