30's slang lovers rejoice!
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Is Golan Cipel a "gunsel"? Gov. McGreevey's friend Golan Cipel appears to meet the original Maltese Falcon definition (a young man 'kept' for sex by an older man), but not it's later, derived one. Slantpoint provides a timeline of the relationship.
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I cannot believe that second link.
"sorted affair"
"the man who's alleged threat"

My delicate sensibilities have been harrassed - I think it's time *I* filed a lawsuit.
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I'd love to see some more scholarship on this meaning of the word gunsel.
posted by Nelson at 9:50 AM on August 13, 2004

here's a start,

The term 'gunsel' derives from the Yiddish 'ganzel'. The well-rehearsed anecdote relating to Hammett's use of the term in TMF suggests that, to 'put one over' Joe Shaw, editor of Black Mask, who had upbraided Hammett for an 'indelicacy' in an earlier submission, Hammett used a fruity-sounding-yet-innocuous term, 'gooseberry lay' as a red-herring, so that he could slip 'gunsel' into the story. ...

I don't think I had ever heard "catamite" either. Two new words in one day, and it's friday the 13th.
I think I better go throw some salt around or something.
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I'll leave the language scholarship to the actual language scholars, but I can point to a discussion of The Maltese Falcon and Film Noir homosexuality here at the Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Culture.
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was jesus a catamite?
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I think the modern term is "boy toy" or "fuck buddy". Just go to Palm Springs in summer. You'll see.
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