October 2, 2000
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Don't just sit there, go buy some un-used 3 Letter Acronym domain names for the heck of it.
posted by riffola (12 comments total)
On a side note how much do you think they're worthy? On average 3 letter domains sell for about $50 on eBay.
posted by riffola at 12:53 PM on October 2, 2000

WooHoo! I'm signing up for S05.net. Business plan and IPO to follow.
posted by ethmar at 12:54 PM on October 2, 2000

ethmar: hopefully not in that order
IPO THEN business plan
posted by pnevares at 12:57 PM on October 2, 2000

Oops, no wonder all of my previous get rich quick schemes commercial internet ventures all ended up in the same place.

Thanks for the heads-up...you're my new Vice President!
posted by ethmar at 1:10 PM on October 2, 2000

Good to know that you found the link to be useful.
posted by riffola at 1:14 PM on October 2, 2000

I dunno how much they're worth, but you can visit random 3-letter domain names here. Not surprisingly, most 3-letter domains host web sites that either a) suck; or b) are for sale. It ain't the name, it's the content!
posted by icathing at 1:23 PM on October 2, 2000

I see there's a category for "Starts with the Letter ... 7". Have these people never watched Sesame Street?
posted by smackfu at 1:47 PM on October 2, 2000

sigh. if only it were working, I could point out my TLA domain. So many perfect opportunities for self-promotion, wasted!

posted by cCranium at 1:48 PM on October 2, 2000

holy jesus in a go cart, i'm a VP
my mother would be so proud!
posted by pnevares at 2:20 PM on October 2, 2000

Well, accent on would. I tanked it again. But I'll keep your resume on file for 6 months (or the next shredding party, whichever comes first).
posted by ethmar at 2:38 PM on October 2, 2000

that's okay, my term as VP lasted much longer than most .com execs'
posted by pnevares at 2:49 PM on October 2, 2000

Well, my weblog is on a two-letter domain, so :P.

Okay, so the weblog's not working now, it's my friend's fault...

Er. Guess I'm not so cool after all.
posted by beth at 5:47 PM on October 3, 2000

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