The Dittohead Guide To Adult Beverages
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The Dittohead Guide To Adult Beverages can be read in its entirety (abt. 250Kb) on the Web. (For those of you in Rio Linda, a dittohead is a Rush Limbaugh fan.) But Britt Gillette has also self-published his book and wants you to make his dreams come true by buying it on Amazon. It's got hilarious drink names in it, like "Caller Abortion" (a stunt Limbaugh used on his show -- complete with the sound of a vacuum cleaner), "Feminazi Frazzle," and "John F-ing Kerry." The recipes look like they'd make tasty drinks, but I think I'll pass on the purchase. Who really needs a novelty, right-wing drink recipe book?
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"Who really needs a novelty, right-wing drink recipe book?"

It's just the ticket for the radio host who's fresh-out-of-rehab.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 3:47 PM on August 13, 2004

Alcohol. The All-American Drug.

Think about it. In a minute, the connection will begin to make a great deal of sense.
posted by namespan at 3:52 PM on August 13, 2004

Tobacco and Coffee, I thought.
posted by Kwantsar at 4:08 PM on August 13, 2004

Alcohol? Pff. A true dittohead's intoxicant of choice is a heady coctail of oxycontin and hydrocodone, of course.
posted by Zonker at 4:10 PM on August 13, 2004

Damn, the Right have co-opted alcohol? That's it, I'll have to take up heroin.
posted by Jimbob at 4:18 PM on August 13, 2004

The "John F-ing Kerry"? Who would want waffles in their drink?
posted by HTuttle at 5:08 PM on August 13, 2004

And although I alone am responsible, I credit Rush Limbaugh for teaching the principles of success to a young skull full of mush. As a result, I feel more than qualified to answer Time magazine's infamous January 1995 headline, "Is Rush Limbaugh Good For America?" The answer is yes. Yes, he is. My life is living proof.

he's paying to publish a book of after working at a series of low-paying jobs. this is fantastic. a great advertisement for parents everywhere. want your kid to grow-up to be an unemployed writer? listen to Rush! oh man. classic.

that said, his writing is not horrible, unless he just culled these from Limbaugh shows past. that would just be too sad.
posted by mrgrimm at 5:43 PM on August 13, 2004

Low-paying jobs are good for america. Patriotic men are not ashamed to put in a hard days work on the job at $8.35/hr and then relax in the evening with their Miller Lite and Toby Keith, bought from the Wal-Mart supercenter.

Now their drinks are even more patriotic.
posted by namespan at 7:41 PM on August 13, 2004

Who really needs a novelty, right-wing drink recipe book?

Novelty right-wing drinkers, duh!

I thought the whole world had universally decided to pretend that Rush Limbaugh doesn't exist anymore and just ignore him until he overdoses on Robitusin and Seconals.
posted by fenriq at 8:09 PM on August 13, 2004

After which, of course, the rosy-tinted hindsight of Obituary Nation will elevate him to the near-godly status heaped upon Nixon and Reagan. (I'm just waiting for Gerald Ford to buy the farm so's we can all hear, I dunno, William F. Buckley or somebody else more usually given to reason refer to him as "More than a footnote, he was a footnote that stood tall, casting a long shadow from the limelight of '70s conservatism" or some such junk)
posted by arto at 8:26 PM on August 13, 2004

I'm with fenriq. Hasn't he been thoroughly discredited yet?

Regardless, I'd expect some humorless righty to slap together a very similar list about Al Franken any minute now.
posted by chicobangs at 7:09 AM on August 15, 2004

Hasn't he been thoroughly discredited yet?

That was the point of Rx Limbaugh, I thought. The guy had no credibility to begin with among people that actually like to, you know, analyze the facts before formulating an opinion rather than mindlessly adopting the views of some anonymous media figure.

The fact that he was exposed as a complete hypocrite on the drug issue was so much ado about nothing. Those that already knew what he was all about weren't surprised, and to the dittohead crowd, it's irrelevant for reasons I'll never quite understand.
posted by psmealey at 1:48 PM on August 15, 2004

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