Fop? moi?
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Lord Whimsy--Mammal of Paradise --Essays, Charts, Trifles, and News. A COMPENDIUM of DEEDS and THOUGHTS never before seen in this, our Benighted Age; the BRILLIANCE of which cannot last long in our WORLD of MUD and TEARS.
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Wow. I was just thinking how much the style of this site reminded me of the thorough tongue-in-cheek old-schoolery of the Philadelphia Independent. And lo, I was right.

I, uh, was in the same philosophy class once as one of the PI's founders. So there.
posted by tss at 10:01 PM on August 18, 2004

Hmm. The fact that Lord Whimsy's columns appear in each Independent makes my gut intuition seem a little less probing now, I suppose. I guess that shows (1) how much I read the PI (2) how closely I read the LW website.
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: both great design and writing, and good advice as well. Heed the fop.
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living dead girl
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[this is good]. Right down to "den of ubiquity", which really nails the modern condition: wherever you go, that's where everyone else is, too, yammering on a cell phone.

Certain denizens of alt.religion.kibology used to label me a fop.
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I can only dream of reaching such heights of rarified dandyism. By my troth, I regret that my lot is relegated to that of the impious boor and rascal.

I dig.
posted by sciurus at 9:12 AM on August 19, 2004

Cool! I just re-subscribed this very day to the Independent, and I encourage everyone who happens across this thread to do the same, preferably by arranging to receive, via the postal service, the printed-on-paper, too-big-for-the-subway version of this periodical. It is inarguably the second-best newspaper in Philadelphia.
posted by soyjoy at 1:26 PM on August 19, 2004

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