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Salon lists ten questions that won't be asked at the debates and I find them pretty tame, with a few exceptions. Instead of emailing the author with questions you'd like to see I'd rather read what the people here have to say.
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Call me a dumbass, but I didn't know both candidates were born-again. It's pretty insane that people are making a stink over Lieberman, when Gore and Bush subscribe to one of the more insane flavors of Christianity.
Does anyone think an atheist could ever win the presidential election?
posted by Doug at 6:18 AM on October 3, 2000

'Born Again' is a relative term - it's really meant to placate the more radical Christian voters in both parties (though I'd guess it's more important for Bush).

Religious convictions can change pretty quickly, depending on the political climate. If one could garner a significant number of votes by joining the Baha'i faith, there'd be an awful lot of converts.
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I would venture to say that there's no way an atheist would win a presidential election for the forseeable future, as dumb as that may be
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I would like to add an 11th question to the list:

Define, in a dollar amount, the difference between middle and upper class.
posted by DragonBoy at 8:04 AM on October 3, 2000

Does anyone think an atheist could ever win the presidential election?

Well, the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers, ranging from Unitarianism to Deism and possibly atheism, would probably mean that possibly Washington, and certainly Jefferson, wouldn't pass muster with today's electorate.

The question I'd ask? Well, I'd ask both candidates to tell a joke. Or sing a song. Or to name their favourite fairy tale. Something to evade the coaching, and reveal a little of their true character. Which would probably be more enlightening than the political debate.
posted by holgate at 8:18 AM on October 3, 2000

owillis: I disagree. The Law of Averages states that sometime in the next 1000 years we will elect a black, gay, athiest, single, parrot-owning, Socialist woman.

Could happen.

holgate: YOU try and teach kids in History class that our Founding Fathers™ weren't Christians. :-)

They wouldn't pass muster in today's electorate, but they don't have to, as our history books and politicians steamroll over the facts and instead lump the framers of the Constitution into the Christianity pigeonhole.
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In addition to DragonBoy's question, define what you mean when you talk about the working class (e.g. what professions, how much do they make, etc...).
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Even though I dislike lists of questions for candidates because it only opens up attacks from all different view points, I thought why not submit what I wouldn't mind asking. I clarify what is not to be included in the answers since Professional Politicians do not answer a question when asked directly. Take them for what they are worth and decide where you think I may stand. I do not support one candidate over another because if these are the best the two parties can present for President then choose the lesser to the two evils. No offense to third party candidates who aren't really capable of running a national campaign.

1. Mr. Vice-President, with the recent escalation in the Middle East, how do you plan on bringing some chance of peace considering your appointment of running mate Joeseph Liberman? Gov. Bush, with the current administrations inability to show any foreign relations resolve concerning the mid-east and the stalled peace process, what specific plans do you plan on changing the current situation? Please leave religion, oil, energy policies, and attacks aside.

2. Haven given previous off-the-wall comments, "inventing items" and "I didn't know it was a fund raiser," coupled with the recent fund raising from Hollywood yet threatening them with more government, Mr. VP, How would you say to respond to those who say you have a track record of saying one thing and doing another?

3. Gov, Bush, have you been brought up to date on the leaders of the foreign countries since you last failed the "pop quiz"? If so, would you please comment on the leaders of x, y, z countries....

4. Mr. VP. Would you finally, respond to the lady in New Hampshire who wanted to know if you had seen Mrs. Broadrick's rape charges against your boss? And please define, in your opinion what type of behavior would be impeachable or a "high crime and misdemeanour"?

5. Gov. Bush given the education "crisis" how much money is too much and/or not enough for schools? Not to include attacks, vouchers, tax-cuts, nor what you think your oppents plan is in the answer.

6. Mr. VP Why did you call for a release of oil from the reserves? Why do you oppose the search for oil in Alaska? And given the poor standing with OPEC, How would you change American's consumption and dependence on imports? Not to include environmental track record(s), Euro problems, nor the word "short term" in your answer.

7. Supreme court issues aside, list possible candidates for replacement, given the retirement of only two Justices. Who or what sets them apart? Not to include Roe v. Wade, abortion, litmus tests, nor what my opponent plans. Now say the Senate is backing only one of the choices, name a replacement please.

8. What is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution? How do you interpret that? And given the hostility and emotions concerning Columbine, 1/2 a million Mom March, NRA, current fund raising donations, frivilous lawsuits against cities, how do you address this problem and bring a solution to the table between both sides? Not to include trigger locks, identification cards, types of weapons, smart technology in your answers.

9. True or False, Microsoft is a monopoly? What would you do with the DOJ or states concerning the current litigation?

10. What are the challenges facing the USA and what do you plan on doing to correct them? Not to include lack of morals, leadership, certain foreign countries, bigger government, nor economy.

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According to this GOP ad (that link is part of an interactive survey that shows the new spot) from the sidebar of that article, it appears the Republicans are chastising Gore for the same "initiative in creating the internet" quote that MEFi loves so much. They retort with, "Yeah, and I created the remote control."

The survey is to guage whether viewers feel the ad is fair or pure mudslinging.
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1 question to both candidates -- what are you willing to do to eliminate the unearned advantages that whiteness confers in our society?
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I can't think of a single thing to ask either of these clowns. I think the either man's presidency would be virtually the same. The real election has already taken place.
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Please explain the difference between you drinking a martini at your country club and me smoking my spliff while watching the Vikings.
posted by norm at 11:28 AM on October 3, 2000

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
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If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you?
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