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British Kung Fu ! // We don't want any of that Jackie Chan Bollocks ! QT - some swearing.
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posted by toby\flat2 at 5:36 AM on August 20, 2004

I saw this a while back, the teacher is Paul Kaye who was also responsible for Dennis Pennis - an aggressive interviewer from The Sunday Show. Anyone know where this clip originated from?
posted by gi_wrighty at 6:16 AM on August 20, 2004

This is a tutorial for FIFA World Cup in Asia on how to fight like a British football fan. Or at least that's the context I saw it in few years ago.
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Makes me remember the primary reason I'm glad I'm not a man.
posted by Summer at 6:41 AM on August 20, 2004

Ha, not bad.
posted by kavasa at 7:38 AM on August 20, 2004

That's some swearing, all right.
posted by tommasz at 8:21 AM on August 20, 2004

I saw this a while back, and god damn it's hilarious every time. Well met!
posted by Mach3avelli at 10:39 AM on August 20, 2004

Amazing, but yeah, where have I seen this before?
posted by ed\26h at 11:29 AM on August 20, 2004

Very funny -- reminds me why I was so sad when I heard that England hadn't qualified for the 1994 World Cup in the US.
posted by Zonker at 4:43 PM on August 20, 2004

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