Cildren's book illustrations - 1920s Japan
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Kodomo no kuni - children's book illustrations and songs from 1920s Japan. I found the artist's index the best way to navigate. (via the always entertaining quiddity)
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This is why I love metafilter. Thanks, madam, these illustrations are superb.
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Sort of reminds me of the Cricket Magazines I used to read as a kid, only much, much better! AWESOME.
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This is why I love jujujive
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Thanks for this. My son is in bed now after a big day at Ueno Zoo, and a big evening matsuri (festival) and fireworks at our building complex. But tomorrow I am going to share some of the songs and pictures with him.
(self links - largish jpegs.)
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Coincidentally, I just got home from Jizo-bon children's festival to find this. I should learn some children's songs in Japanese for my baby to go with my Old Macdonald. This will be useful. Thanks MJ3! Notice that the colorful title graphic, the name "Kodomo no kuni" is written right to left, as was the style back when Japan was adapting to horizontal writing.
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beautiful : >
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My Tokyo-born gurufurendo is dancing around the room singing the "Dance of the Rabbits" and now I have to arrange it for national slide guitar... she was really interested in the children's illustrations which were published right after the huge 1927 tokyo earthquake - much more somber.
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wow, these are great! What a wonderful magazine that must have been.

There are lyrics and/or scores for quite a few of the songs online, in Japanese of course: The Moon in the Rain, The Rabbit's Dance, This Town, That Town, Boats of Leaves, and Taanki, Poonki.
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Oh, these illustrations are mouth-wateringly delish. Yummm. And the songs are great. What an elegantly executed site.
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Great find, thanks MJJJ!
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