Someone ran the litmus configuration and said these were bad
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Euros That Never Were 1945 - 2001 (I think).
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Interesting concept. I've recently begun collecting some of the actual Euro collector coins, and there's some amazing designs, for example these Spanish coins celebrating the centenary of Dali's birth.
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Thanks, dobbs, this is a terrific find, and I wanna praise you to the skies for doing so, unless of course it turns out to be a double post, in which case I would like now to express my pre-emptive condemnation: Has it come to this, dobbs? Have you truly no shame?

OK, that said, really, I'm enjoying almost all of these pages of designs - I haven't gotten to all of them yet. Not every bill is a gem, but every page seems to have a handful. They could all stand to be somewhat bigger.

And what the hell is the second 100 on this page supposed to be?
posted by soyjoy at 11:00 PM on August 27, 2004

Oh! I kiss the pretty money!

Soyjoy, are you clicking on the individual images? Because they seem a pretty fair size to me (about 500 pixels wide). Also, which 100? Your link goes to the main page...
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dobbs - the dates are the birthdates of the designers, not the date in which the design was proposed. All of the designs were proposed in 1996 at a “secret” meeting to decide the form of the current notes.
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Great find!
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I love anything with a "whatsises that never were" theme. These are fascinating, and pretty.
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This is fantastic, dobbs. Many thanks.

Also: Is this Paul McCartney on the 500 euro note?
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Is this Paul McCartney on the 500 euro note?
Sure Is.
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Some of these could go far.

The big problem with the current euros is that they're so fucking bland. They have these tedious bridges and arches and things ... that don't exist. And, yes, this is for Europe. We have world landmarks coming out of our ass, yet we can't have any of them on the money because of petty beauro-squabbles. "Who gets the €1 bill? Who the €5?" Sheesh.
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Excellent post, and thanks to Apple
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taz - they do look bigger on my Mac at home than they did on my PC at work. But I still say they could be bigger.

Anyway, yeah, the link I provided seems to not resolve to the page I got the path from. The image I was referring to is this one. Hope that works.

Whatever, though, this is great stuff, especially now that I've had more time to look at more of them. Thx again, dobbs.
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soyjoy, you're welcome--and that's obviously a robot in a shark cage. ;)
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