The Higgs Boson
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More information on the hunting of the Higgs boson at the Exploratorium, and a one-pager with links at Wikipedia.
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ya know, i read this and thought of posting the exact same thing. great minds fpp alike.
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Or read alike.
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for a novel centered on the H.B, see Herman Wouk,
A Hole In Texas---for quick summary:
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This is excellent! Or [good]. Whatever
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"It has been hard to make a "Higssless" model that works - the original "technicolor"
models failed and a convincing version has not yet been found, because of numerous problems with quark and lepton masses, flavor violation, electroweak tests etc. But nature is cleverer than we are, and we don't know all the possibilities."

Edward Witten
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One reason that a Higgs Boson might be difficult to find would be that it is a "virtual tachyon". That is, in its relative space, it travels below the speed of light; but in our relative space, it *appears* to travel faster than light, so doesn't appear at all.
If you look at the process of changing (your) relative space as being as ordinary as changing phase, amplitude or frequency, it makes sense. It would also explain how a Higgs Boson interacts with energy in a different relative space.
This could be a similar theory to that which says that both particles and waves are just energy "packets" with lesser or greater energy.
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From the Wikipedia: The discovery of the W and Z particles themselves had to wait for the construction of a particle accelerator powerful enough to produce them.

The discovery of the H particle will require the construction of a particle accelerator powerful enough... to produce the Universe! [cue schwee!-schwee! horror-style music]
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790: This is a classic type 13 planet, which typically destroys itself at this stage of its development.

Xev: How?

790: Sometimes through war, often through environmental catastrophe. But more commonly, a type 13 planet is inadvertently collapsed into a pea-sized object by scientists attempting to determine the mass of the Higgs Boson particle.
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