Odd Collections
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I think the guy with the "ugly Fozzies" is being way too picky. Only #5 (the hockey Fozzie who seems to be looking skyward hoping for divine intervention and whose hockey gear looks like it belongs to a sport from another planet) and #6 (with a blank expression that is way too soul-less to be a Muppet). Any of the others I'd be perfectly happy to pay the postage for Danny at toughpigs.com to send me, thank you very much.
posted by wendell at 7:50 PM on August 28, 2004

Man, I can sympathize.

What started as a thrift-store lark, has sadly, and bizarre-ly become a full-fledged owl collection for me. At first it was a joke... But there's a point where irony fades, and the clever humour of your "joke-hobby" gets lost... and you are faced with the sudden realizaton that you now collect owl figurines - For Real.

[I can spot at least 7 in that guys owl collection that I have. It's kind of freaking me out.]
posted by paultron at 11:00 PM on August 28, 2004

Great collection of collections, grumblebee! I once thought of doing a post all about banana label collectors - there seems to be a remarkable number of them. This person, for example, has over 4,000 banana labels.
posted by taz at 1:48 AM on August 29, 2004

This is crazy, but look what I just ran into totally by accident: sicksack.com. How likely is that?
posted by taz at 2:15 AM on August 29, 2004

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