A walk on the wild side with Warholstars
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Warholstars is a comprehensive guide to the colorful cast of characters that made up Andy Warhol's constellation and that Lou Reed sang about in Walk on the Wild Side...meet Holly, Candy, Little Joe, Sugar Plum Fairy, Jackie Curtis, and more.
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Andy still has a strong pull on the art world - his Foundation dispenses $10 million a year in art grants.
The Andy Warhol Museum
The Andy Warhol Homepage
Andy Warhol Prints
Warhol as Simulacra
The Velvet Underground
The Wild Side of Lou Reed
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I am a big Andy Warhol-head; one of the great days of my life was spent going to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and then going to a showing of I Shot Andy Warhol at a cool movie theater whose name I now forget.

Thanks, madamj!
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Joe Dallesandro--mmmm : >
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I'm a big VU-head, so I love seeing these images!

Here's a bizarre story.

(also, a few photographs from Laura Rubin, who was a friend of Candy Darling, and this great group photo from Gerard Malanga. More from him here.)
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Who was it who said that Warhol was "the first to shout 'theatre' at a crowded fire"? I always thought that summed up the Factory and its hangers-on well.
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heh - channel surfing tonight, I stumbled on I Shot Andy Warhol.
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The Museum was great fun -- they were having a workshop the Sunday I went, and I did some of those funky color-blocked self-portraits. I love a museum where they teach you technique.
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Very neat, thanks once again
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