These microwaves... they vibrate?
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Best Conspiracy Site Ever. It covers just about everything, from microwave mind-programming to aliens who want to assimilate us and, of course, the Matrix. Also, a guest article about why Arnold Schwartzenegger might just turn out to be the Antichrist.
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The Montalk folks might be interested in this thread. And this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.
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Everyone ICQ him! 44600828!
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I like watching the quacks duck.
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Man, I though Arnie was a reptilian. This changes everything!
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Mr. Schwarzenegger doesn't like it when you misspell his last name, Montaukers. Prepare to taste his wrath first!
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... and that goes double for you Montalkers as well!
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They got nothing on
this guy.

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Who needs conspiracy theories when you have a poll like this on MS-NBC's web page?

Did Rudy Giuliani's speech reassure you or move you to support the Bush-Cheney ticket?
a. Reassure.
b. Move you to support.

No other options were listed as of 12:20 Eastern Time.
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I love lines like this one:

"...calculations show a high probability that intelligent life exists elsewhere in this galaxy and that earth has seen the presence of extraterrestrials..."

Damn, now if I could only pull that one my wife

"But honey, calculations show that there is a high probability that me sleeping with your best friend would be GOOD for our marriage!"
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I am convinced that this site is a hoax. After all, I didn't see anything about the time cube listed.

Seriously though, I will be checking this site out later when I have more time. I find it just as easy to believe that extraterrestrials planted life here on earth hundreds of thousands of years ago as believing a dead man was brought back to life after being dead for 3 days. Who's to say who's a quack and who's not?

I personally have always checked Disinformation for some time now, though as one person stated, they seem to be more interested in believers than in the belief.

I would love for there to be something to the 2012 theory of some epoch changing event that would blow everyone's mind and change the way we perceive reality, but maybe I'm just bored with the current paradigm.

*quack quack*
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This post made me start giggling - I have just finished my conspiracy reading (Foucault's Pendulum, Illuminatus! and Holy Blood, Holy Grail) and so I thought I'd look some random stuff up...
This guy thinks the Earth is flat and "He believes that the main purpose of the space program is to prop up a dying myth--the myth that the earth is a globe."

The problem is - nobody ever thought the Earth was flat. 'Tis a myth.
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"The global shadow government, also known as the New World Order or illuminati, consists of human elite directed by hyperdimensional forces who seek total domination over mankind. These human elite are assigned the task of enslaving the rest of mankind and then handing over control to their nonhuman superiors. Because such individuals are hungry for power anyway, they have no reservations about enslaving those beneath them." - quote in context

Priceless. Simply priceless.
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Good find. I have a secret affection for conspiracy nuts. I just read Them by Jon Ronsom and many of the things in this site relate to his book. It's a good read and I tend to suggest it to consipracy-scholars who are starting to buy in a bit too much.

Another great resource is Robert Anton Wilson's book everything is under control. It's a simple refrence book that has hundreds of conspiracy theories indexed alphabetically. It doesn't come across as completely nuts, either.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to line my office in tin foil.
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The name of the site is, of course, a play on words on the Montauk Project.
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Although not really WAY OUT THERE, J. Orlin Grabbe has an interesting site that mixes conspiracy theories, off-the-wall science, art and pornography in a daily easy-to-read style.

The bottom of the front page is often NSFW.
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Wow. That Flat Earth link was interesting, especially given the perspective - it was written in 1980, before the space shuttle had actually flown.
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