Did NASA fake the moon landings?
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Did NASA fake the moon landings? I'm convinced!
posted by glenwood (19 comments total)
Don't tell that to Buzz Aldrin.
posted by David Dark at 1:39 PM on September 1, 2004

See, the problem with this site is that those photos are taken from different missions.
posted by Capn at 1:43 PM on September 1, 2004

The so-called 'astronaut' holding that basket only has four fingers! I can't believe the person who compiled this evidence didn't notice that!
posted by sciurus at 1:43 PM on September 1, 2004

And everybody knows that moon mice are green.
posted by briank at 1:44 PM on September 1, 2004

Moon mice? What are you talking about?
posted by sciurus at 1:45 PM on September 1, 2004

Did Metafilter fake an old "moon landing" post? Conclusive proof! (But you're excused, glenwood, since he moved the URL, and I'd been wondering where it went.)
posted by brownpau at 1:54 PM on September 1, 2004

Consarnit! I seriously bent over backwards searching for this thing.

poop. Well, revisiting something 4 years old isn't SO redundant, I suppose.

*back to my corner*
posted by glenwood at 2:04 PM on September 1, 2004

Very convincing, but everyone knows that the whole moon landing went through the black and white filter that exists outside of the earth's atmosphere, so it should have been in black and white, even though they brought color film.

Other proof the color filter that was placed around the earth started just before that is here: The world is a complicated place
posted by filmgeek at 2:04 PM on September 1, 2004

As long as we're revisiting:

"Jesus H. Christ, we're on the fucking moon."
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:36 PM on September 1, 2004

Heheh. Nice link Crash. It's what I would have sounded like.
posted by MetalDog at 3:42 PM on September 1, 2004

That's totally what I sound like in real life -- beeps and all.
posted by SteelyDuran at 4:19 PM on September 1, 2004

I want to know what that astronaut was shopping for.
posted by sharpener at 5:27 PM on September 1, 2004

They only did it because Brazil got there first.
posted by drezdn at 7:40 PM on September 1, 2004

Naw, it turns out the Chinese made it to the moon back around 1685. But it was hard to make sense of their records of the voyage, because they were all, you know, in Chinese.
posted by soyjoy at 7:55 PM on September 1, 2004

I this.
posted by Shane at 8:17 PM on September 1, 2004

Secondly, the interior of the shopping basket can clearly be seen when all areas in shadow should be pitch black due to the absence of air molecules.

Yeah but their not taking into account reflections of the surrounding materials. I mean, I agree with them for the most part, but slipups like this undermine their credibility.
posted by vacapinta at 10:15 PM on September 1, 2004

Crash, you made my fucking day.
posted by tr33hggr at 6:58 AM on September 2, 2004

that's no moon mouse, that's a Clanger
posted by gravelshoes at 2:30 PM on September 2, 2004

I know I'm late to this but Buzz Aldrin Punches Moon-landing Conspiracy Theorist
posted by edgeways at 10:17 PM on September 3, 2004

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