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The BOBs - Best of the Blogs DW-WORLD.DE, the online portal of German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, is looking for the best online diarists. With "The BOBs - Best of the Blogs" awards, we plan to honor the best Weblogs in 11 different categories, including Best Weblog, Best Topic, Best Design, Best Weblog Innovation and Best Journalistic Weblog. A total of seven of the Best Journalism prizes will be awarded -- one in each of our competition languages. Weblogs from all over the world can be nominated for the awards, provided they have been written in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or Arabic. You can nominate your favorite sites or even your own blog during the open suggestion phase from Sept. 17-Oct. 17, 2004.
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oh god, not another one......
posted by quarsan at 6:42 AM on September 5, 2004

Yes, if you haven't noticed already, blogs have gone "mainstream". Yet another reason not to read them.
posted by Eekacat at 6:53 AM on September 5, 2004

Did you mean the Bobs by any chance? I wish I could think you meant the old Florida punk band, but they're so forgotten I can't even find a site to link to; nobody remembers the classic "I'm Too Far Away From My Beer" except me and Phil, and he doesn't even know it's a Bobs song. Sic transit...

What's that you say? Blogs? Who cares about blogs?
posted by languagehat at 8:10 AM on September 5, 2004

I get a 401 error on that link you gave, ronsens.
posted by etoile at 11:46 AM on September 7, 2004

Yoooor boyfriend is really a jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk!!! He can't even play the saxophone, he plays that same sooong ooover and oover....

showing my age eh?
posted by Dome-O-Rama at 7:04 PM on September 9, 2004

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