Islamic Art
September 5, 2004 7:56 PM   Subscribe : Islamic architecture, Islamic patterns and Islamic calligraphy.
posted by obedo (8 comments total)
posted by amberglow at 8:15 PM on September 5, 2004

truly gorgeous. I just wish that the patterns weren't all gifs. It looks as though they dropped colors.
posted by Grod at 9:05 PM on September 5, 2004

How the hell can this art be respected when the underlying belief system is manufacturing terrorists who bayonet children in Beslan?
posted by paleocon at 9:05 PM on September 5, 2004

Dude that was lame.
posted by techgnollogic at 9:26 PM on September 5, 2004

A good friend moved home to Morocco a few years ago. I am always jealous of the lovely architectural details I see in the pictures she sends me. Thanks for the link to some beautiful art, obedo. Grod is right about the colors. That’s too bad.
posted by arse_hat at 11:55 PM on September 5, 2004

Indeed that was a bit lame. I'm quite certain they didn't have bayonets when all of these building were being put up. Everything need not be political. The stuff on this site is quite beautiful.
posted by chunking express at 10:02 AM on September 6, 2004

Quite so. How can you respect the art of the Book of Kells when Christianity also produced Jonestown Massacre? Or the patriotic military music of John Philip Sousa when the same belief system led to the My Lai massacre?
posted by raygirvan at 11:30 AM on September 6, 2004

I personally find islamic architecture incredibly beautiful and have only just refound an old book of persian art that came from Terhan that was given to me years ago.

The comment from Paleocon wasn't just lame, it was stupendously idiotic. Yes the Beslan situation was devastating and such a sad loss of lives, but it makes me worry that the small mindedness of certain people will mean that I will tarred with the same brush and will become a terrorist - just because I happen to own a book of architecture that is written Islamic (that I can't even read)!

Just open your eyes and appreciate some beauty out there!!
posted by floanna at 3:38 PM on September 6, 2004

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