Art films on dvd - Criterion and others
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Collect art films on DVD? You probably already know of DVD Talk (and their forums). But What about Criterion Forums, a place to discuss boutique dvd labels (not just Criterion, but Kino, Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Plexi, and others), as well as trade and purchase used titles from other collectors/ members? (You'll see more categories in the forums once you register.)
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Oops: Anchor Bay's American site
posted by dobbs at 12:00 AM on September 7, 2004

Five minutes browsing and I can already smell a paycheck burning. Thanks, Dobbs!
posted by mkhall at 4:53 AM on September 7, 2004

Oh, and is that the Blue Underground link you wanted, or did you mean this one? [warning, sound]
posted by mkhall at 5:02 AM on September 7, 2004

Thanks for the tip off, though this post is liable to cost me a fortune. (I'm in love with Criterion just now, for offering Grey Gardens on DVD.)
posted by jack_mo at 5:41 AM on September 7, 2004

Yeah, the Kino site will be my undoing. I'll send you the bill, dobbs. :-)
posted by jpoulos at 5:47 AM on September 7, 2004

Thank you dobbs, but I hope it's okay if I blame you for any excessive spending that may result from this...
posted by biscotti at 6:10 AM on September 7, 2004

Thanks. Also: Palm Pictures, Facets, Zeitgeist, and Home Vision Entertainment.
posted by muckster at 7:12 AM on September 7, 2004

Aargh. Sorry for the Blue Underground snafu. It was late, I was tired. :(

And sure, send me all your bills, folks. No problem.
posted by dobbs at 8:11 AM on September 7, 2004

Oh, and thanks muckster for those other links. Here are some more:

Masters of Cinema (which has been MeFi'd before) also has a label now (their best of 2003 list is worth a read). DVDBeaver, which I linked last year, will also be of interest to collectors, so here it is again (it's not what you think based on the name). These collections from the National Film Preservation Foundation are also cool. And though not in English, it's fun to drool at sets released by Alto (I have the Truffaut, Herzog, and Fellini) and MK2.
posted by dobbs at 8:34 AM on September 7, 2004

I should hope Synapse Films is on there too.
posted by oninochuck at 11:59 AM on September 8, 2004

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