Clinton critic accused of being a wanker
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Clinton critic accused of being a wanker -- Matthew J. Glavin, who heads a legal foundation trying to have President Horndog disbarred, has been accused of publicly fondling himself and an undercover federal officer. More details here.
posted by rcade (5 comments total)

Man, scandals always just get better and better. I wonder if Clinton had it setup? Wag the Dog kinda stuff...
posted by Brilliantcrank at 4:36 PM on October 4, 2000

GSXL, I seriously doubt Clinton could be bothered with something like this. Occam's Razor on this one. Guy is just a repressed, self loathing loser, who sublimates a lifetime of inadequacy by being a hateful, backward, little man. The articles detail the causes this moron has supported, and let's just say they don't smack of an enlightened spirit.
He tried to get a little action one day in the park, and he happened to put the moves on a Fed. Bad news for him, big laughs for me.
posted by Optamystic at 5:10 PM on October 4, 2000

Oh, you meant "a wanker" literally. :-)
posted by baylink at 6:50 PM on October 4, 2000

Op, you don't think Clinton would bother to try to save the rest of his professional life? What would he do after being president if he got disbarred? If he does manage to get disbarred (and I really think he should... perjury is a federal offense), there's more at stake than the obvious inability to practice law. As a disbarred lawyer, he wouldn't be able to serve on the board of any corporation traded on the NYSE. If he's disbarred for perjuring himself, he could conceiveably still go to jail. Not to mention having his "legacy" (such as it is) besmirched.

Now, if you were an unscrupulous wanker, wouldn't you try to discredit the person at the head of the fight?

Besides which, if the Monica scandal had supposedly no bearing on Clinton's qualifications as president, why should Glavin's actions have any bearing on *his* professional life, Fed or no fed? Hey America, you can't have it both ways.
posted by thetis at 7:25 PM on October 4, 2000

I think it's a lot more likely that the guy's a wanker, Thetis.

Personally, I can understand President Horndog diddling an intern better than I can understand the desire to mutually masturbate strangers on public land. Maybe the Chattahoochie River's a lot more sexually appealing than I give it credit for.
posted by rcade at 9:04 PM on October 4, 2000

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