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Frightening article on Russian snuff-film exporter suspects. Worth reading just for the quotes. (via null device)
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A good fiction detective novel book covering exactly this sort of thing is «La sirène rouge» by Maurice G. Dantec. It's in French; there does not seem to be an English translation.

My quick and dirty translation of the description: "Alice, an adolescent of 12 years, shows up at the commissioner's office in Amsterdam, a video in hand, and urgently asks to speak to Inspector Anita Van Dyke. The inspector learns that Alice's mother is a murderer--and the cassette is proof. In watching it, the inspector witnesses 'the first filmed murder of her career.' The investigation begins but Alice, while under the protection of the police, escapes and hides herself in a car belonging to Hugo who is part of a clandestine international network fighting against totalitarianism. The girl wants to go to Portugal to find her father and Hugo agrees to help her. Together they will cross Europe, pursued by hired killers of Alice's mother who directs an undercover traffic in snuff movies."
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<anal-retentive prefix="sigh" hyphen="yes">
Note that it's not a *snuff* film unless *the person was killed for the express purpose of the filming*; just filming people you kill isn't good enough.
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(re-reading the page, I see that snopes disagrees with me on that point. I guess I'm more anal-retentive than he is.)
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