Can't you just feel those arteries harden?
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How to make fried oreos A pictoral guide.
posted by konolia (25 comments total)
I had some of those at a street fair last year. Tasty.
posted by jonmc at 11:50 AM on September 10, 2004

The fried Oreo, second in my heart (and my arteries) only to the deep fried Twinkie. Good find, konolia!
posted by psmealey at 11:52 AM on September 10, 2004

The concept may be sound, but the tone of that page was for me more cutesy-sickly-sweet than an Oreo itself.
posted by soyjoy at 12:07 PM on September 10, 2004

Holy crap are my arteries in trouble.

I must say I don't think the fried Twinkie holds up as well as the fried Mars bar.
posted by o2b at 12:08 PM on September 10, 2004

Having this FPP appear within the same week as this one is cruel. Cruel, Cruel, Cruel.
posted by mmahaffie at 12:09 PM on September 10, 2004

Must resist tempta
posted by deborah at 12:11 PM on September 10, 2004

What would Proust do? (WWPD?)
posted by ParisParamus at 12:20 PM on September 10, 2004

That is an entirely disgusting concept... I can't wait to try it.
posted by cedar at 12:20 PM on September 10, 2004

I would definitely use thicker batter than is pictured there. This stuff barely clings to the cookie! (I think I've got some stale Oreos at home... and an electric deep-fryer... and plenty of batter-making stuff... hm.)
posted by uncleozzy at 12:34 PM on September 10, 2004

Just got back from the Minnesota State Fair, where everything is deep-fried...including, this year, corn on the cob. My husband had to try it, and the batter made the corn freakishly sweet, like corn fritters. I'm stickin' to the regular stuff...
posted by GaelFC at 12:37 PM on September 10, 2004

I saw them at the county fair last year, and was tempted. They were surprisingly good, though I struggled to finish 3 of them, and had to throw away the rest for fear of my life. I could actually feel my arteries constricting.
posted by grateful at 12:37 PM on September 10, 2004

My son told me in an IM conversation that he'd eaten seven. Apparently a dare was in effect. Obviously I should have been a little more impressed.
posted by konolia at 1:03 PM on September 10, 2004

Those trans fats just weren't unhealthy enough.

I want some.
posted by tomorama at 1:56 PM on September 10, 2004

I gotta make some of these. I don't really think I need to live 61 whole years.
posted by AstroGuy at 2:25 PM on September 10, 2004

And lo! Your teeth shall be a symphony of pain! Tooth decay will surely haunt you all the days of your life!
posted by Kafkaesque at 4:08 PM on September 10, 2004

ParisParamus; who the hell is Proust and what does he know about good eats? Is he a chef in some European overated spot or what?
posted by Postroad at 4:32 PM on September 10, 2004

A place in the food court at the local mall sells deep friend twinkies and Mars bars, but I have always been afraid to try them in case I just have a heart attack on the spot. One day, curiousity will get the better of me, I am sure. I have heard that they are tasty.
posted by synecdoche at 6:55 PM on September 10, 2004

heh, konolia, do I detect the beginnings of cookeryfilter?

Much as I love fried food, this does not look appealing to me in the least. But I like the wackiness of the concept, fun post.
posted by madamjujujive at 7:29 PM on September 10, 2004

Deep fried twinkies are like regular twinkies, but with a tasty crunchy shell. It's worth it to try them.
posted by jb at 7:39 PM on September 10, 2004

The original recipe told me to preheat the oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. But honestly, do people actually measure the temperature of their cooking oil?? Do these culinary nerds actually exist?


posted by rxrfrx at 7:55 PM on September 10, 2004

Metafilter: cold fried Oreos suck! (Tak sedap kalau dah sejuk!)

Okay, so I couldn't resist. Su Mi.
posted by yhbc at 8:04 PM on September 10, 2004

This is just wrong on so many levels....
posted by kamylyon at 8:23 PM on September 10, 2004

and so right on so many more levels.
posted by mrcircles at 10:14 PM on September 10, 2004

And so greasy on all levels.
posted by konolia at 9:18 AM on September 11, 2004

Now that we know how to make deep fried oreos, would someone please post a link explaining why this would ever be a good idea?
posted by Mars Saxman at 11:41 AM on September 11, 2004

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