"Al Gore...lives on my block."
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"Al Gore...lives on my block." Humorous song by one of Al Gore's neighbors (warning: audio starts up right away when you go to the site). See this week's New Yorker for the full story, but the song itself is quite entertaining with no background at all.
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Scene: jpoulos sits at work, waiting for 5:00 to roll around, thinks "I know there was something I was wanted to look up on the 'net today. What was it?", logs on to Mefi, remembers "Oh yeah, that Monkey Bowl song!".

Thanks GaelFC.
posted by jpoulos at 12:50 PM on September 10, 2004

You're very welcome...I've listened to it about 10 times, cracking up inside each time. That IS really Gore at the end there.

Today's "Boondocks" goes along with it nicely too.
posted by GaelFC at 12:52 PM on September 10, 2004

It has a good beat, and you can dance to it.

President Gore lives on my street...

"President Gore." How does that sound?
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The article's pretty great too. It gives some insight into how Gore looks back on what happened.
posted by bitpart at 1:46 PM on September 10, 2004

That made my afternoon. Thanks!!!
posted by Wulfgar! at 1:46 PM on September 10, 2004

You people still aren't over it? Such progressive liberals, always looking backward instead of forward...
posted by Dreama at 2:25 PM on September 10, 2004

If he hadn't made all those lunatic speeches, I'd even consider voting for him...
posted by ParisParamus at 2:33 PM on September 10, 2004

Al Gore's speech to New York University (real, c-span link might be wonky)

Because taking Paramus' description at face value would make you just as stupid as he is.

Love the song, quite catchy.
posted by Space Coyote at 2:54 PM on September 10, 2004

Sometimes, I think Al Gore is the real victim of the Bush administration.

Oh yeah, and all our soldiers and innocent iraqis that are dead now. Them too.
posted by John Kenneth Fisher at 4:00 PM on September 10, 2004

Al Gore's speech to New York University

Wow. The media really exaggerated that one, didn't they?
posted by bitpart at 4:01 PM on September 10, 2004

Dreama, I ain't "you people". I'm an American, so fucking deal with it. And I am over it, over it enough to find this song funny. That strikes me that I'm a hell of a lot better adjusted to it than you at this point, what with your pathetic labeling and division.

"you *snort, sniff* you liberals!! You think you're progressive? You you liberals you!!! You look back at history instead of the ... the ... shining future of ... whatever. But it's ... its ... better than what you look at .... you liberals you!!!"
posted by Wulfgar! at 4:10 PM on September 10, 2004

Watched the first 10 minutes of the speech: whole bunch of Iraqi strawmen goin on in there...
posted by ParisParamus at 5:34 PM on September 10, 2004

Thank you, GaelFC.
posted by cookie-k at 6:09 PM on September 10, 2004

"Sometimes, I think Al Gore is the real victim" - Somebody rescue him!
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Meanwhile - (true story) - I was on the phone with a political fundraiser who had worked on Gore's first presidential bid.

I was living in a warehouse.

I had just acquired a dog, some sort of mixed Terrier, like a cross between a miniature Pinscher and a Manchester Terrier but a bit bigger.

Someone else living in the artist infested warehouse had, out of the kindness of his heart, taken on his abusive ex-girlfriend's two ferrets. That day, one escaped.

It scurried down to the warehouse basement and thence across to the boiler room, where it entered my garage,

I was on the phone with _____ , who wanted to start a massive environmental media network. He said he had backers. He had expensive rugs and many fax machines. I listened.

The working relationship with ____ had been defined, after an exhaustive interview process, by a thick sheaf of legal jargon I'd received in the mail which reeked of snarling packs of lawyers.

The unpaid job involved constant faxing.

While reviewing with _____ the minutia of proper faxing - which he felt to be his ace in the hole to change the course of history - I heard a strange shrieking.

"What's that ?", ___ inquired.

"Oh, nothing."

The shrieking grew louder during the conversation and then abruptly ended. The conversation about fax etiquette dragged on.

"Yes, Mr. ______ . , "OK, Mr. ________" - and so on.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a shape being hurled into the air. My 20-odd pound dog was playing a game with something - which he had dragged from my 3,000 square foot garage into my adjacent living space - tossing it around and into the air.

The conversation about faxing ended too, and I went to investigate.

It was a dead ferret.
posted by troutfishing at 12:00 AM on September 11, 2004

It was a dead ferret.

Maybe it was just sleeping.
posted by Space Coyote at 5:01 AM on September 11, 2004

Pining for the fjords?
posted by Dagobert at 1:15 AM on September 13, 2004

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