Four Stories
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"I follow a dog chasing some invisible bird." Four Stories: Some of the most breathtaking woodcuts I've seen a good while illustrating four sparse but moving stories. After a decade of metafiction and Raygun typography, this letterpressed book of mythic narrative is refreshing, and inspiring.
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thank you
posted by kamylyon at 12:11 PM on September 11, 2004

Very nice. (I ain't paying $2,000 for the physical book, so I'm glad he put the whole thing online!)

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posted by languagehat at 12:21 PM on September 11, 2004

*cries for squirrel* Lovely. *sniff*
posted by roboto at 3:51 PM on September 11, 2004

Those were incredible. Thank you!
posted by notsnot at 6:45 PM on September 11, 2004

Damn it, I cry at everything these days. Thank you.
posted by maudlin at 9:21 PM on September 11, 2004

The humor of "Damn it, I cry at everything" coming from a user named "maudlin" is the greatest confluence of username & post since katemonkey's escaped monkey post of aught two. If registration wasn't closed, I would have suspected you created that account JUST so you could make that perfect comment. Also, thank you very much for this, eustace, the work was beautiful, the stories affecting (especially the squirrel one).
posted by jonson at 11:16 PM on September 11, 2004

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