Visual Trickery
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Delightful magical realism by artist Rob Gonsalves. If you enjoy these, then also be sure to check out the wonderful works of Curt Frankenstein. This post made possible by AskMe, and the kind and lovely MeFites Orb and Faze.
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If you look, you'll find very many links to Rob Gonsalves pages; I've tried to find the ones with largest images so that you can make out as many of the excellent details as possible. (If you have any problem with the Kaleidoscope Gallery link, just go to the main page and work your way through the wonky interface.) He has also illustrated a children's book, which seems to be drawing a lot of favorable attention.
posted by taz at 2:56 AM on September 13, 2004

this is just fantastic!
posted by moonbird at 4:22 AM on September 13, 2004

If you like this type of art, you really need to check out Jacek Yerka.
posted by waltb555 at 10:31 AM on September 13, 2004

Good stuff, its straight out of my dreams. The Morpheus Gallery has more, including some stuff by Yerka.
posted by euphorb at 10:58 AM on September 13, 2004

This is so on my wish list.
posted by dejah420 at 5:27 PM on September 13, 2004

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