Open Letters is juicy.
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Open Letters is juicy. Here's a bit of one I liked... "I nod gravely at my wife, to assure her: He's a brother. Everything will be all right. Here is no busta-ass wigger bullshit-talkin' IRS chickenhead. This man will not use the U.S. tax code to bully a pair of struggling bohemians; he will not be so rock-ribbed or steel-hearted as to pursue some hairsplitting perversion of justice, unleavened by sympathetic understanding, in the course of setting aright whatever trivial infractions he happens to uncover on our 1998 return; he will not plow us over with penalties."
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This is my favorite web site! I hope the content always stays as rich and the design always stays as simple and ad-free.
posted by grumblebee at 12:23 PM on October 5, 2000

Nublog talked about this site recently. Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper has re-published some Open Letters, but not online.
posted by todd at 4:18 AM on October 6, 2000

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