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Livejournal - maybe not the first place you'd look for stunning Photo Blogs. So, here's 1st and 2nd, Aman Geld, M T Lancourt, The Inexplicable Brown Man, Nathan Blaney, Andrew Kendall and ????????????? to change your mind. (Coral links inside)
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Actually, there are tons of stunning photo blogs on LiveJournal, because community weblogs are so easy to create. There are also many great photographers.

My favorite photographers on LJ are probably Forioscribe, who posts wonderful shots (and writes intreguing stories) from a small island in Italy, and my online friend Androkles, an HIV+ artist, photographer, and a true gentleman... he takes beautiful photographs from Sydney and its environs.
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Oh, I should've said "photo communities" rather than strictly saying photo blogs. Some that weren't mentioned are:
photolog, photographers, photographie, creativephoto, landscape, i_am_photo, shutter_to_think, bwanonymous, found_objects, photofetish, agitate...

This, of course, doesn't even touch upon the photography communities that are NSFW.
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That Aman Geld stuff is amazing.
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Aman Geld rocks.

His other journal, ~centralasian, is wonderful too.
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Raptamakeout ain't bad.
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Foto_Decadent has interesting posts as well.
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Dead Machinery is another fascinating one. (If you enjoy pictures of decaying machinery, anyway.)
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wicked .. loved these .. i was looking at flickr again the other day .. wondering whether to give it a go. i was searching the tags .. interesting to choose tags that match your usual subjects .. and dismaying to realise how many people take photographs from almost identical angles as yourself.

putting london into the tags section revealed my lack of originality.

oh and i found a photo of myself on the andrew kendall site !.
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