Los Angeles Architectural Photo Gallery
September 15, 2004 7:57 AM   Subscribe Los Angeles Architectural Photo Bonanza. Pictures of buildings in Los Angeles, organized by period (1818 - 1939, 1939 - 2004), building type (theatres, skyscrapers, Victorian homes), or by architect. Also, aerial photos!
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I've never been to Los Angeles, but the city interests me for some reason. Maybe I'll get to visit, some day. Until then, this will have to do.

These links are related, but not quite the same as the above: The Parkinson Architectural Archives (see Buildings, Buildings Map), Downtown Los Angeles Walking Tour (courtesy of USC Geography Department), and Public Art in Downtown Los Angeles.

Previous interesting posts pertaining to Los Angeles, on MetaFilter: Los Angeles is not the city it could have been and A Visit to Old Los Angeles
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Awesome, thank you so much!
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If you like this link, you'll love Los Angeles Plays Itself.
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[this is cool]
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"Some of these buildings are over 20 years old!" *
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I'll second Los Angeles Plays Itself. Damn, I wish there were more films like that: exhaustive, yet nuanced essays. But I guess the commercial potential just isn't there. Saw it opening night at Film Forum, where it drew a crowd of just 30 people and only 8 or so made it past intermission.

Some of architectural subjects of the film are on Hollywood's usual suspects list, like Wright's Hollyhock House and the Bradbury Building (also here). The film's genius -- or rather one-third of the film's genius (it's a long movie) -- comes in tying Hollywood's use of architecture to a social history of LA. The destruction of Bunker Hill's working-class neighborhood and the mistrust of modernist idealism are two examples.
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Download enough of these images to your hard drive and the FBI will come and seize your computer.
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