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Wow! Got to give it to the people in Yougoslavia... This is damn impressive and it looks like the end of Milosevic. Europe is almost completely democratic now!
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We should really consider doing the same thing here.
posted by thirteen at 1:27 PM on October 5, 2000

i haven't been here that long, but that seems to count as a redundant post
i'm talking of course about this :

....and rebeccablood's comment
posted by pnevares at 1:28 PM on October 5, 2000

My mistake... Got so excited about it, I forgot to scroll :)
posted by TNLNYC at 2:00 PM on October 5, 2000

What would you be protesting, thirteen?
posted by amanda at 2:04 PM on October 5, 2000

NSA, Census, IRS, the President/Congress/Senate, Dept of Education, CIA, Rod Blagojevich etc. I have a million things to protest, and if elected protestor I promise to stay on the sidewalk. This I swear!
posted by thirteen at 2:16 PM on October 5, 2000

That's a lot of things to fix in one burn-down-the-capital-building protest, don't you think?

Americans have it so good.
posted by amanda at 2:20 PM on October 5, 2000

Are you asking me to go on a date?
posted by thirteen at 2:26 PM on October 5, 2000

Sure. We'll toss cocktails.

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posted by thirteen at 3:52 PM on October 5, 2000

Should we leave you two alone?
posted by solistrato at 7:33 PM on October 5, 2000

i'd hope they'd be done by 3 and a half hours later =)
posted by pnevares at 11:01 PM on October 5, 2000

thirteen, why protest the census?
posted by daveadams at 6:45 AM on October 6, 2000

daveadams: I did not notice this until just now. I am walking out the door, and I probably will not sign on at all this weekend. Short version. None of their business. Redistribution of tax money. Illinois a donar state. Trapped in a democratic machine, so congressional representation means nothing here. I don't care about geneology. My (non-specific, but still relating to me) information is quickly sold for profit with no benefit to me. Threats about non-cooperation. Questioning about neigbhors makes me feel icky. And I actually have more, but must now flee.
posted by thirteen at 11:29 AM on October 6, 2000

>Trapped in a democratic machine, so congressional representation means nothing here.

Um, I wouldn't hang that on the Democrats part and parcel.

After all, last I saw (unless things have changed radically in 2 years since I moved away) you've got DuPage County, George Ryan, James "Pate" Philip, Henry Hyde, and the IL Tollway Authority. Republican institutions one and all.
posted by ethmar at 12:12 PM on October 6, 2000

Why is it that Americans are the only people in the world who object to a bloody census? And the ones who object most are usually those who complain about the way their government distributes state funds? Dear me.
posted by holgate at 12:16 PM on October 6, 2000

So I lied, and am back on line. Illinois is pretty Republican down state. I am in Chicago where the
decision of which Democrat will get the office is pretty much decided by the mayor. In the last
Alderman election I was one of 7 people who voted against the incumbent. My Alderman was
written up by the local weekly for leaning on people in the neighborhood. He walks up to peoples
doors and presents them with a list of things he could fine them for, and tells them he'll forget
about it if they will just shut up about stuff they oppose him on. My alderman is the father in law
of my congressman. He is somehow related to my state senator. My state senators father is
some big time scum bag too. These are all the charming people who work very hard to keep Ralph off the ballot here. I'm not thrilled about the Republicans either, but as it is the Democrats don't even need to pretend to serve my interests. All my being counted would do, would be to help make room for another Dan Rostenkowski.
Holgate: It is part of the deal we made with the devil. Should Americans ever embrace the
census, the value of the dollar will plummet in comparison with the euro. I think there is
something wrong with the way state funds are distributed, so I complain. I am surprised that you
would care, I have zero interest in British tax concerns.
posted by thirteen at 7:09 PM on October 6, 2000

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