I'm part Water Pixie!
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Otherkin. Weird. Otakukin. Very, very weird. Maybe you wonder if sometimes you are part...something. Unicorn? Dragon? You, are one of the otherkin. "Unless you go through some regression therapy to find that Otherkin part of you, chances are you won't have your memories available to you." But don't worry, you're not alone. (Unless you think you're an orc. Cause Tolkien is not a reference.)
Otakukin - even better. You're thing is anime.
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Hee. Ljdrama? I forwarded an otakukin link to my husband this afternoon, because I firmly believe that a marriage is based on both parties having to look at shit like that -- no one should have to bear it alone.
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Fairy Congress

Kuro5hin article on Otherkin

As the reincarnation of Speed Racer, I find your laughing and pointing shameful and disgusting.

[ As previously discussed on MetaFilter ]
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Penis-Unicorns, Fantasy BoobButtocks, Otherkin...what wave of cultic fantasy strangeness just passed by?
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From the first link: "dragons all have something in common with other dragons, but they cannot say what it is." I wonder why? Probably becuase they have the wrong shape of tongues for verbalizing words.
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kozad, *this* is the best of the web.

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sugarfish: You're right. Most of my personal relationships are based on shared hate. They're by far the most enriching type.
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Well, I know two people (!) in real life who say they're Otherkin. And I wrote that kuro5hin article that filmgoerjuan just linked to...

Now I'm skeptical as anyone (perhaps moreso, being a hardline atheist and all), but there's definitely something going on here. People tend to be quick to write the whole Otherkin thing of as nutty furries who've read one too many fantasy books, but, but, but. The idea of 'otherness' seems to spring up without any real prompting. People will self-identify as somehow having the 'spirit' of something else without ever knowing the word Otherkin. Some people seem to see or hear a description of it for the first time and say "oh my God -- that's me!" It's really strange.

It's like a religion that lots of people come up with independently, and it's the only thing I've ever heard of where such a thing happens. At the very least, there's some kind of inbuilt psychological condition here.
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reklaw: Well, a sense of body alienation and foreignness to normal society is relatively common, just a lot of people hide it. It's probably (IMO, but I believe backed somewhat by the psychological establishment) due to the extreme dissimilarity of civilization to the normal operating parameters of the human body. Same reason people think they're reincarnated in a more conventional way (from a 14th century mill worker, or Mozart, or a rabbit), or MPD, etc. This sort of mental condition (and condition it is) falls loosely under the term "depersonalization."

That was a lot of parenthesis.
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I'm part Tentacle Beast.

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> I'm part Tentacle Beast.
> Ladies?

They want to know which part. But please don't tell them here.
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*digs around the directory for people he knows...*
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> I'm part Tentacle Beast.

What's your position on squiddy-porn? Do you support legalizing cephalopodosexual marriages? Octopedophilia - "the love that dare not shriek its name": for or against?
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my favorite were/otherkin is ponty the singing were-pontiac ... meow
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Sapphic vampiricism - the love that dare not spell its name.
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Cthulhusexuality is a Valid Lifestyle Choice!
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Identitiy is illusion.

If you don't think so, try being someone else for awhile.
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This reminds me a lot of Doin' Time on Planet Earth (IMDB). Adam West plays a deranged middle aged guy who tricks this insecure kid into thinking he's an alien over the internet by relating to the common insecurities the boy experiences growing up. Rubbish film.
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"Its a Liger...Half lion, half tiger...breed mainly for its skills in magic."
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I'm part Tentacle Beast.

Keyboard: 0 Screen:0 Dignity: 0 Pretty_Generic: 3,451,096.
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But...but....I'm a unique snowflake! I'm different and special! You just can't see it on the outside, but...deep down...I'm a pritty pritty unicorn.
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Of course, none of these folks are claiming to be the human avatar of elephants, gnomes, slime blobs, or cockroaches. And no one is the reincarnation of an ant that someone stepped on in ancient Egypt.
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BTW, is any of this really at all different from the premise of The Matrix?
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being Otherkin does not necessarily make one magically safe - every culture has it's predators, this one is no different.

Is this even a subculture?
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More forms of escapism are growing on the intarweb, and I think these are just a few very vivid examples. I personally don't see any problem with them, and in fact I encourage diversity and for people to do what makes them happy.

I see a lot of people who play out just about every role imaginable in a sophisticated virtual world called Second Life.

I've seen nearly everything roleplayed in SL, including cute woodland creatures, robots, chocobos, unicorns, kitchen appliances, cartoon characters, characters from Snow Crash / The Matrix / etc, and even the controversial "gor" roleplaying, and amazingly enough, nearly everyone gets along quite well.

Personally, I think life would be pretty boring if everyone was the same.
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