Arr, for the umpteenth time.
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A True Relation, of the Lives and Deaths of the two moft Famous Englifh Pyrats, Purfer, and Clinton who lived in the Reigne of Queene Elizabeth. From Isle of Tortuga, a freecache-linked geocities site. It has a wealth of primary sources and is refreshingly retro to boot! [mi]
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I stumbled into this via a wholly non-pyratickal websearch, and under our articles, I was under obligation to share the booty with he whole crew, I think you'll concur.

Who's responsible for the provisions on this voyage anyway, and how are we supposed to fit 17,000 hammocks into quarters?

Bosun quonsar, ladle the rum!
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Arr, th' freecache be sloooow. Or down.

Link 1.

Link 2.
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Aye, this be good -- but I wish he be usin' "s" instead of "f" when he be transcribin' the "long s" of the original.

"Strike yer colors, ye brazen wench! Thar be no need to expose yer superstructure!"

[Sorry -- nothing to do with this thread, per se, but it's my favorite line from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride and I so rarely get a chance to use it . . .]
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