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September 24, 2004 4:40 AM   Subscribe Streaming Surgical Education 'Featuring the World's First SurgeonCam and The Digital Endoscopy Fellowship. A Digital Window to the OR for Physicians, Trainees, and Patients.' Clips are free, and are available in Real Video & Windows Media formats. "Surgery is an inherently visual art. It must be seen to be understood." (via The Eyes Have It).
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These are pretty neat. I had some trouble with the streams being slow, but the commentary is pretty direct and explanatory rather than editorial. My wife is training to be a midwife and will find those hysteroscopy vids interesting. I don't know if its art, but its interesting to look at.

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My second year medical student friend thought this was some pretty cool stuff. Great post.
posted by geekyguy at 4:38 PM on September 24, 2004

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