Some people still believe that the Moon landings were faked.
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Some people still believe that the Moon landings were faked. Some actually believe an even more disturbing scenario: that in fact a "World Government" has secretly colonized the Moon and Mars. This is the premise of the "Alternative Three" conspiracy theory. Interestingly enough, the "documentary" that spawned this theory was admittedly a hoax (Copyright April 1, 1977), and so was the book that followed it. However, it seems that even the author has been having a hard time convincing believers that it was indeed a hoax. Well, why don't you see for yourself?
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Let me just say that I am not endorsing this theory. I did read the book years ago and it was a well written "crank cosmology" tome, but implausible nonetheless. The interesting side to this, IMO, is that although everybody that had anything to do with this has proclaimed both the TV show and the book a complete hoax (they even credited actors in the end of the show, for crying out loud), some people are just too willing to believe.

OK, I am gonna go drink now.
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that is so weird -- i was just reading an article in the weekly world news today about how the moon landing was faked.

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Faked or not - 2001 is just around the corner - and I want my PanAm ride to the outer space.

(There is an urban legend in the Muslim communities around the world that Neil Armstrong heard a "voice" when he was on the Moon. Years layter, when he traveled to Cairo, Egypt, he heard the Adhan (the prayer call) and realized that the "voice" he heard on the moon was the Islamic prayer call. He soon went to a Mosque and proclaimed that Islam was the one true faith, proved by Allah's presence even in outer space and converted to Islam.
I am not sure when or where this urban legend started. (Most probably around some time soon after Cat Stevens converted and became Yusuf Islam.) This is absolutely the funniest of all Conversion to Islam stories out there. Neil Armstrong is not Muslim.)

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I've gotta dig up an old UseNet posting refuting someone's denial of the entire space program. It makes for amusing reading.
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It was real. Nuff said. For me anyway.
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