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It was bound to happen eventually - Richard Branson announced the launch of Virgin Galactic, a joint venture between Virgin and Mojave Aerospace Ventures, the company responsible for SpaceShipOne. They expect to send up to 3000 people into suborbital space over five years for £115k each (around $200k)and the first ship will be named the Virgin SpaceShip VSS Enterprise (well, I guess he can name it what he wants...). It's all immensely exciting, but personally I think Virgin Spacelines sounds classier.
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I think calling it Virgin Galactic may be a slight exaggeration, but if he thinks there'll be enough people to pay for this then good luck to him. I'll wait until he starts offering cheaper tickets, though :)
posted by kaemaril at 3:37 AM on September 27, 2004

I vote for Virgin Spacelines over Virgin Galactic

Other ideas could be:

Virgin Orbital
Virgin Microgravity
Virgin Intergalactic

Or simply Virgin Space.
posted by krisjohn at 4:28 AM on September 27, 2004

Stellios will be the next in on the action with the launch of EasyRocket - the ticketless budget SpaceLine
posted by berto at 4:33 AM on September 27, 2004

The "VSS Enterprise" (scroll down) -- heh!
posted by Zonker at 4:51 AM on September 27, 2004

Well, krisjohn keep in mind there's already Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Pacific Blue, so Galactic fits in...
posted by costas at 5:52 AM on September 27, 2004

Perhaps he should get his trains to work first!
posted by brettski at 6:00 AM on September 27, 2004

To be honest, I can't see this one (if you'll excuse the phrase) flying, though here's hoping he can somehow manage it. To this end, instead of "Virgin Galactic" I nominate "Virgin On The Ridiculous" ... er, I mean maybe "Virgin Space"?
posted by kaemaril at 6:48 AM on September 27, 2004

You know, I think if anyone can do it, Richard Branson can. From everything I've read, he's both a true visionary and maverick. Of course, there's a lot I haven't read.
posted by o2b at 7:20 AM on September 27, 2004

And Stanley Kubrick thought Pan Am would be the space carrier of the future.
posted by tommasz at 7:20 AM on September 27, 2004

kaemaril, keep in mind that Branson doesn't just do populist things; a few years ago I sent my folks to Necker Island for a week (it was their 30th anniversary); you can visit the website for an overview. The "celebration weeks" were substantially cheaper when I sent them, but you can be quite sure it's still a very popular vacation spot for those that can afford it.

Necker has also been leased out for such classy events as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photo shoot.
posted by lowlife at 7:20 AM on September 27, 2004

Virgin Suicide perhaps?
posted by crumbly at 7:39 AM on September 27, 2004

Notwithstanding what everybody here says about Branson and his company, I say good for Virgin Galactic. I won't be first in line at those prices, but I look forward to the day I can take a trip in space.

In related news, Burt Rutan is slated to make his first of two official attempts at the Xprize this Wednesday, 9/29. Live launch webcast here when it happens. Unfortunately, it looks like the Canadians' competing entry, originally scheduled for Saturday, will be delayed.
posted by SteveInMaine at 7:43 AM on September 27, 2004

o2b is right ... this guy is amazing. He's made all kinds of concepts, esp. Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records and that Virgin cell service, happen when people told him he was going to royally flop. He's made bank doing it. Sure, he didn't quite pull off Virgin Cola, and he's had a few other flops along the way, but... read a biography on him. He's really an incredible innovator and entrepreneur.
posted by SpecialK at 7:59 AM on September 27, 2004

But you can't go to any other planets yet. I wish Virgin would pour some funds into their hyperspace gate division.
posted by inksyndicate at 8:52 AM on September 27, 2004

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