Mayday, mayday, Estonia, please.
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"Mayday, mayday, Estonia, please." 10 years ago tonight, 852 people lost their lives in the cold dark waters of the Baltic Sea. In the middle of the night the ferry M/S Estonia, headed from Tallinn to Stockholm, suddenly capsized and sank. Only 137 people survived Europe's worst maritime disaster since World War II. (more inside)
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A joint Swedish-Finnish-Estonian commission said the accident was caused by incompetent crew and design faults causing the ferry's visor door to break lose in the hard weather. The commissions take on the course of events leading to the ferry sinking can be seen in a series of CGI animations: 1. The visor breaks lose. 2. The final yaw. 3. The mayday communication. 4. The ending. (Divx movies, other formats can be found here.)

The disaster is still very much an open wound, at least here in Sweden, home to 501 of the victims. And not everyone is satisfied with the governments actions and explanations. The conspiracy theories have thrived.
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I highly recommend William Langewiesche's article (a link to a preview, I didn't find the whole article online, though it must be out there) in the May '04 issue of the Atlantic.
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Last year, I took a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki. All I could think was "Did they shut the door?" But then I had plenty of Saku lager and I didn't worry so much.
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Just for the curious, the mentioned WWII disaster was actually the worst maritime disaster ever, the Wilhelm Gustlof with more than 7,000 estimated dead compared to 1,400 for the Titanic.
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Found Langewiesche's article here. Thanks for the tip, I looked all over for detalied articles in English. This one looks excellent. And horrifying.
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That Atlantic article gave me nightmares when I read it a few months ago.
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I remember the morning when the news came. I was visiting a national park here in Finland. Very quiet, very calm. The whole country seemed to slow down for a while.
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Don't forget the Joola disaster where 1800 people lost their lives 2 years ago (26 sep 2002).
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